Common Questions

How long have you Been a Dublin Gardener, and where does most of your work come from?

At Dublin Gardeners 90% of our work is by word of mouth. We have customers that have been with us for 20 to 30 years.

Do  gardeners need to be licensed or members of any authority associations?

No, gardeners don’t have to be licensed as the industry is still at present by and large unregulated. This seems to mean that our industry is peppered with a cowboy factor that are by and large not very dependable and come and go. They are fairly simple to spot and are one thing that you will not have to tolerate when dealing with us.

If I get a less expensive quote for my gardening  work will you equal it?

Our quotes are as fair as we can be. You get what you pay for. Although we wouldn’t generally supply a cheaper quote, we are always happy to improve or repair any work someone else may have done for you 😉

Everyones picture of a garden layout is different. So consequently the price ranges are different. This is why we walk you around your garden talk through everything we will do for you, creating a mental picture for you of what your garden will look like.

What are a few of the things that would set you aside from other Dublin gardeners?

That’s a fine question and one that’s best enquired in advance instead of learning the hard way.

Here are a few of the things that we think make us clearly better than lots of others:

  • Our primary aim for all Customers is to regularly keep improving your garden, and every time we leave have it looking spotless, and as near to a Park garden as we can.
  • Our equipment is all late model and excellently maintained. All blades are kept sharp and all our equipment is petrol motor driven so that we don’t have to use our client’s electricity or have hazardous cables going over their lawn.
  • We take away all grass and vegetation when we clean and cut back gardens. It is all recycled and composted. Our charges are minimal compared to waste collection companies.
  • We at all times have a policy of conferring with our clients with reference to their preferences, and will suggest and chat about things which we believe will benefit them and their garden.
  • We show up on time and on the prescribed day. Should there be an anavoidable change we will inform you of alternative arrangements.
  • We have an outstanding reputation and we give our prospective clients proof of that by way of written testimonials and confirmable references where asked for.
  • We don’t slug our clients with any obscure fees or additional extras without prior discussion. If you trust Us, we will trust you completely aswell.

Is it possible to get a price cut if we settle by cash?

I’m sorry but we don’t offer a reduction for cash as a quantity of our work is commonly undertaken on a cash basis. Once we’ve given a quote and contracted to do the work you can be sure that the fee we’ve set out is correct and reflects the amount of effort concerned. If we were to reduce the price then we’d either need to suffer some loss or slice corners on the job and we in fact wouldn’t be interested in doing either. You would be well advised to beware of gardeners that offer to cut their prices once they’ve given a quote for the reason that it’s most likely that someplace in the job that cuts on quality of performance would be likely.

We have pets, what about their protection and safety?

You ought to either keep your pets in the house on gardening day or keep them tied up in an corner where the gardener would not be working. If you’re at home then keeping them inside is the best idea as you know they are safe and what’s more they don’t get frightened with the sounds of the equipment running.

Do you offer firm written quotes?

Yes, we are happy to give written quotes, and itemise all goods supplied and work to be done.

Why and How did you get into Landscaping and Gardening?

It all started with a love of growing things as a child. I went on to study agriculture and horticulture (gaining Diplomas in General Science, General Horticulture, General Agriculture, and Biology). My hobby all my life has been growing plants, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables. I love the creativeness of seeing the end product of the pictures I see in my mind when I look at a blank garden canvas.

If you have any other questions about Dublin Gardeners not aswered above, please feel free to call us or contact us here.

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