Our Services

Gardening Services

After almost 30 years in the business, there is not much we haven’t done! But here’s a list of the basic services we provide:

Garden Maintenance


Many of our customers rely on us to provide a regular garden maintenance. We also provide a seasonal cut back and clean service. By keeping on top of it, your garden will always look a million dollars! Our garden maintenance programs include general mowing, edging, trimming of plants as required, and weed control for garden and lawns. Depending on your requirements (ie how much YOU want to do yourself!) our maintenance programs can cover you fortnightly, monthly, biannually, or annually. While on maintenance calls, we are also happy to discuss with and advise you of any further improvements you may require. All garden waste is removed, recycled, and composted.

Supplying & Planting

Knowing what to plant, and where to plant it is something you either know, or you don’t. We make sure that your garden is correctly planted, providing balance and practicality. As your garden grows you will appreciate the expertise provided by a professional gardener. Because we also grow many of our own plants and shrubs, we can offer them to you for a substantial discount compared to nursery and garden centre prices. Planting is a changing picture showing you something new every day. We plant our garden layouts to create changeable pictures for:

  1. Winter and Summer
  2. All year flowering shrubs and plants
  3. Height contrasts
  4. Leaf structure and colour contrasts
  5. Shade and sunny areas

Note: All the above is dependent on garden size.

Tree Surgery

All plants and shrubs cut back and shaped as and where necessary. Hedges cut and shapes as required. All trees pruned for height and shape, including flowering and fruit trees.

Grass and Lawnslawn-care-430x198

All grass areas can be rejuvenated and repaired; relaid, rotavate and seeded, or new sod laid. We also offer weed spraying on lawns allowing the grass to thicken, or moss treatment on lawns. This is a list of further services we provide and have substantial exprience with:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Timber Decking
  • Water Features
  • Fencing & Pergolas
  • Brick Walls
  • Laying of Natural Stone Chips
  • Laying of Bark and Compost Mulch

All of these can be either be included in layouts or as extra options depending on your requirements. Please visit our Photo Gallery page see example of our recent work before and after garden maintenance.