Good Gardener Checklist

Experience & training

They say there’s no substitue for experience but what’s even better is when the gardener has had instruction in lawn maintenance, equipment management and even horticultural instruction. That said, in the gardening services industry where education is not such a big part of things, then at least experience stands for a lot. For instance, if the gardener has 5,10, or 20+ years of experience as a gardener then it’s probable that they will likely be very proficient at what they do.


It may well seem to be an obvious statement to say that a good gardener or lawn care services professional will possess a good reputation but it is so true, and when acquired, the gardener or lawn care services professional will not just be proud of such a reputation but they’ll be prepared to maintain that with outstanding ongoing service and will willingly volunteer to substantiate that first-class reputation by providing you with access to testimonials and contented client references and they may possibly even have a very prominent locally advertised profile or even national advertising which is testimony to their excellent reputation.

Professional Presentation

Nowadays, any professional gardener or gardening services professional lacking a website will be at a fundamental disadvantage to their competitors. Additionally they recognize that an increasing number of people are turning to online research so that they can obtain a suitable professional company to assist them to get their gardens kept suitably. A professional web site will be one that has sufficient particulars about the gardener or gardening services professional. It will state their contact particulars and address and also things like insurances and industry associations. If the site appears unprofessional and tardy or lacks pertinent content then its most likely that the company is not very professional or will not have a professional outlook towards such matters as public presentation. In this type of case that could be an indication that maybe you ought to move on and search somewhere else.

Payment Alternatives

Concerning payment terms, unlike many other services that are provided to home and property owners that need credit card processing, gardening is in fact one business that has functioned on a cash footing for many years. That’s most likely owing to the fact that a large number of common jobs have been for comparatively low cash amounts and it’s just simplier and easier to pay like that. That said, a presentable gardening business will have credit card facilities on hand. It doesn’t essentially mean that if the gardener or gardening services professional just accepts cash that they are not genuine, but it is a thing that you ought to be conscious of and just compose your own judgement as to the reliability and dependability of the person or firm you’re employing.

Reliability & Honesty

Integrity isn’t really a thing that can be shown in advertising but at least if the gardener or gardening services professional does possess integrity then that will turn up in numerous ways. To begin with, they will be professional in their presentation and will be totally clear in all their communication and display pride in proving good track record and worthwhile references which you’d be strongly recommended to take a look at just to be sure. Showing up on a regular basis is naturally crucial to garden maintenance, and moreover so is honesty because at times your gardener may be on your property when you are not and if you have pets and/or children then their safety is also vital specially when potentially unsafe equipment is being used.

Dependable and Efficient Equipment

A professional gardener or gardening services professional will have dependable machinery that will have sharpened blades (if you like your grass cut and not chopped), and they ought to have an ample supply of brush cutters, secateurs and a trailer for equipment and waste materials. Overall they should be well equipped and not simply using a bunch of exhausted tools or relying upon using your tools unless that is a particular requirement or agreement term that you have formed with them.

Obtain a clearly comprehensive written quote

A respectable quote will be unmistakably thorough stating what will be completed on a recurring basis.
With no written quote you may possibly find yourself engaging in an a disagreement over what was discussed and what was delivered. It’s simple for anybody to not remember minutiae, and with so many separate customers to attend to it often is rather simple for a gardener or gardening services professional to overlook some facet of the job. You’ll discover that all professionally minded gardeners or gardening services professionals will not cringe at giving you a written quote.
The quote ought to also comprise important things like:
·    A clear account of the total cost of the job
·    The manner in which waste materials including lawn cuttings and pruned vegetation will be disposed of.
·    The schedule of provision of the service (i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly).


This is one aspect that you really need to get clear about for the reason that anyone coming onto your property should at the very least possess public liability insurance and either a workers compensation insurance or sickness and accident policy. If these forms of insurances are not at hand and the gardener created damage to your property then you might have a tricky time claiming for it (or have to pay a bulky excess to your own household insurance) and moreover if the gardener was hurt in some manner he may possibly be able so you for reparation for the reason that it happened on your property (yes,.. even if it was his own fault).

Pride of Work

Pride in work or professional service isn’t a thing that’s clearly observed but if it does exist you ought to be able to recognize or sense it. This isn’t an unconditional necessity in getting your lawn done but when that trait is there it truly makes the world of difference so it’s worth looking for if you can find it.

Professional settlement terms

This could possibly be important to you if you are claiming the outlay of you garden maintenance against a business or getting the work done for a real estate agency or property manager, but separate from that, cash payment terms are not uncommon in the garden maintenance profession specially at lower levels of cost whereby the amounts being collected on a recurring basis are relatively small. You can nevertheless take solace in the fact that when credit card processing is accepted that you are dealing with professionals.